Few Attributes of a Female Escort

A Female Escort is said to be a type of sex worker who procures sex in exchange for money given by the clients with the consent of escorts. Presently the supplication of sex worker services has been switched from street niches to easily accessible online websites. So it seems quite easy for the female sex workers to exhibit their physical attributes and structures with descriptions through various websites to the clients. 

In those various websites, women basically describe the services they offer and their amount of charges. A website regarding sexual activities may allow female escorts to provide a short time mating experience. Also, a female escort can be viewed as a short-term sexual performance so males can easily get the opportunity for intercourse without any commitment or emotional attachment. A prosperous female escort should have some awareness of characteristics that male customers are actually seeking. 

The Techniques

Eye-tracking techniques of males have been used to glimpse woman’s attractiveness through websites. Aypapi is a kind of website where escorts offer theirs survives to the clients by posting some photos of them with descriptions. Body shapes related to weight play a pivotal role in a judgment of a male. Males prefer a slim woman over a heavier one. Also, heavier and larger women are discerned as being older than the slim ones. However, as BMI increases, the possibility of incurable diseases also increases. So low BMI is a good indicator of youthfulness. As BMI increases, the rate of attractiveness also declines. 

The Age

Another crucial factor for being a female escort is age. Female reproductive value declines with increasing age, so it is not surprising that males do not prefer an aged woman for them. Also, an aged woman becomes less active in any kind of actions related to sex. The factor of peak fertility of a woman is especially preferred by the male clients for a short time mating because it maximizes the brief sexual affairs. Younger-looking faces are more attractive, so they are more perceived by males than the older ones. The tendency of preferring the younger women agrees with males. So most people prefer a young woman for any type of sexual activity. 

The Appearance

The morphological appearance of the female breast is one of the significant factors for attracting male clients in case of sexual activities. Firm and high breasts are correlated with the youthfulness and attractiveness of a female, whereas drooping and shaggy breasts vastly decrease the possibility of attracting a male. Men also prefer a larger and healthier breast than a smaller breast because a larger one looks more attractive in any kind of sexual activity to males than a smaller one. 

The Action

These are the main traits for a female escort to fascinate a male for doing sex. It is hugely beneficial for a male to choose a short time mating with female escorts because the opportunity comes with no commitments and emotional attachments with partners at a minimum investmentAypapi website is one of the preferable websites for a person who is looking for some attractive females as their needs.

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Sharing confessions over net? How safe is it?


Confessions are venting out of secretive things without revealing your identity. Secretive ‘things’ can include various ‘things’ such as an event that is embarrassing or guilt-ridden or anything that you cannot say or tell another person. Confessions are a great tool that can give peace to your conscience and might improve your life in difficult scenarios. In Christianity, confession plays a huge role, as many of us are already familiar with, thanks to the cinema and literature, where a priest listens to the person who is confessing inside a box divided by a curtain to make the confessing person feel comfortable. Now, a real confession much like the one done in churches or the one did face to face is much more potent and empowering than the confessions done online. Online confessions might sort of help you in feeling alright but there are some downsides to it, and those downsides are significant but before understanding the issues related, we need to understand how online confessions work.

Online confessions are different from traditional confessions. First of all, people using the internet to confess, do it on websites such as sex sekret or social pages. They are posted anonymously on these sites and it also provides these people with the support of the community as they meet similar people on such platforms. These confessions over the internet can work as quick fixes for people as they can give them instant gratification and validation from the people in the community but there is a criticism that it can be unhealthy. Unhealthy because of some important reasons such as lack of empathy. Nevertheless, whatever floats the boat is the philosophy of modern times.

Is confession over the internet safe?

The answer to the question of safety is a broad one because the concept of safety can include various dimensions such as mental safety or social safety etc. but as long as we are talking about privacy or the fact whether your identity remains anonymous, well it depends. Here are some of the things that you should know about confessions on the internet.


People who are posting their confessions on the internet can be anonymous, almost all of these websites or platforms ensure their users with total anonymity and there is no way other people can know it unless it’s a government agency or a hacker who wants a piece of information. Till then, everything is anonymous.

Community support

On such platforms, you meet similar people, therefore, it can provide you with good community support in case of some guilt-ridden events. The community aspect of online confessions is something that draws criticism but the community factor is not a recurring aspect of every confession website.

Anonymity is perhaps the most important factor that is needed for people online deciding whether to confess on the internet, something which has already been answered above. Therefore, the safety of your confession or identity on these websites is true, people whom you are engaging with online or the people who are reading these confessions will not know your identity.